A Specialty Houston Mover

When you are moving, the most important consideration you can have is making sure your possessions don’t get damaged. It doesn’t matter how much money you save on your move if your possessions are damaged. When choosing a Houston Moving Company, it is vital that you hire professional movers, not just people to lift things. That is why A-1 Professional Movers is your only choice when making your next move.

There are certain items that are difficult to move, especially if they are going up stairs. Because of their weight and the delicate nature of some items, they should always be moved by professionals.

Houston Piano Movers

Pianos are one of the most difficult things to move. Because of their weight and dimensions, they can be very awkward. They have to be moved with the proper equipment by people who are trained. Pianos contain many delicate parts. If the piano is damaged, it can cost thousands of dollars to replace.

Houston TV Movers

We all love our televisions. You can spend thousands of dollars on your big screen or flat panel television. If it is not sufficiently padded, loaded and handled, it is very possible to arrive at your new destination broken or scratched. Trust the experts at A-1 Professional Movers to make sure your TV arrives in the same condition it left.

Houston China Movers

While you may not use your china on a daily basis, it is very important to you. Some sets can be very expensive. Many times it has even more value because it was passed down from family members or you received it when you were married. Depending on the type of China, replacement is virtually impossible. Why trust just anyone to pack and move your China? The pros as A-1 Professional Movers will make sure that your china is correctly packed and will be handled with the utmost care.

Don’t trust your friends or inexperienced Houston Movers to move your valuable possessions. You need to hire a Houston Moving Company that has trained experts working for them. When you hire A-1 Professional Movers, you will always get movers who are experienced, courteous and will handle your possessions as they would their own.