A-1 Professional Mover’s Testimonials

It all began with a phone call to Buddy Morgan, very friendly and CRAZY guy. (It takes one to know one.) I was very surprised to find that I could set up my move from Tomball to inside the loop for any day of the following week. Buddy explained the cost structure (hourly) and told me his 3 men crew would arrive between 8.30 and 9 a.m. on the designated day. The crew was at my home before 8.30 a.m. Since I wasn’t moving a lot of my furniture, I went through the house pointing out what did and didn’t go to the new house. I did not have to repeat any of it and they got it right! All was loaded in an hour and 15 minutes. The crew and truck followed me to the new house which is a 3-story townhome with several turns in each flight of stairs. Within an hour, all furniture and boxes were in the desired rooms. The crew was very friendly and willing to please. They even moved a very heavy 30” TV (the old fashioned mega-ton type) from the first floor up to the third floor for me! Wow! What service! I have yet to find a broken item or any damage to the walls and floors. I was even more surprised at the final bill. It was VERY reasonable. I must admit that initially, I was expecting the crew to ‘take their sweet time’ to ‘pad’ the bill. NOT SO! I would highly recommend A-1 Professional Movers. I will definitely use this company again.

This was the second time I have used A-1 Professional Movers. Both experiences were outstanding. I had no problems with either move. The movers were always professional and got the job done quickly and efficiently. None of my belongings were broken or harmed in any way. I could not be happier! I will always call A-1 Professional Movers for my moving needs and will recommend this company to all of my friends. Moving is a hassle………A-1 Professional Movers makes it so much easier.