Houston Mover FAQ’s

Why Should I Hire A Mover?

It is important to hire a mover because you need to make sure that your possessions are handled in the most professional way. While from a cost standpoint, it seems to be cheaper to get family members or friends to move your possession, the end result can often be damaged goods and damaged relations. By hiring quality moving company such as A-1 Professional Movers, the job will be done right. They will know how to move your valuables without breakage. They will pad your furniture to make sure it doesn’t get scratched, gouged or damaged. Should there be a problem, you can rest assured that it will be addressed quickly and professionally. You have spent a great amount of time and money purchasing the items that make up your residence. It would only make sense that when you hire a Houston Moving Company, you would choose one with over 30 years of experience such as A-1 Professional Movers. Your friends and family might mean well, but they don’t have the experience or understanding of the moving process. The expense might be a little greater, but you can rest assured knowing that your possessions will arrive in the shape they left.

What Should I Look For In A Moving Company?

There are three major factors to check when hiring a Houston Moving Company. You want to make sure they are licensed, bonded and insured. Just because someone has a truck or trailer doesn’t necessarily make them a mover. Many times these “companies” do not have the proper credentials or insurance. If something happens to your possessions, they will not have the adequate insurance to pay for any damage claims. If they do not have the proper registrations and licenses, they are operating illegally. If there is damage to your possessions, the process to claim on them becomes difficult if not impossible. You want to make sure that when you hire a moving company, they actually know what they are doing. Moving is a skill just like any other job. It takes experience to pack and load a truck so things don’t shift and break. Hiring a good moving company such as A-1 Professional Movers can actually save you money because you won’t have to worry workers riding the clock on an hourly move. It will save you time because the probability of damage and having to file claims will decrease substantially.

How Much Should I Be Charged?

This is a difficult question to answer. The pricing of a move depends on multiple factors such as distance and how many things need to be moved. It also depends on how many people are needed to complete the move. Most movers will be able to give you a good estimate on what the cost will be. As the customer, it is very important to be very honest about everything you need to have moved. If you leave items off the estimate, this can lead to added charges because they were not factored into the initial quote. Also, if you have boxes that need to be moved, make sure to count those that are under 50 lbs. and over 50 lbs. If you load your possessions in larger size boxes and count them as small, there is the very real possibility of being charged more. At A-1 Professional Movers, you can receive your quote multiple ways. You can fill out the online form and choose the items you need moved, you can contact them for a quote or you can print out a quote sheet and fax it to them. Whichever way you decide, you will get a fair and accurate quote for your move..

Should Price Be My Only Objective?

While price is always a consideration when planning a move, it shouldn’t the only variable. If you receive quotes and one is grossly lower than other moving companies, it could be a red flag. Also if you get a really good quote from a Houston Moving Company but you didn’t have a good feeling about the person you talked to, take that into consideration. Most of the time, if we have a good or bad initial feeling about someone, it is usually pretty accurate. Hiring a moving company is like interviewing someone for a job. If they don’t make a good first impression, that says a lot. If they can’t answer your questions or seem evasive, take that into consideration as well. The most important thing is for your possessions to make it to your new house intact. It is always important to be price conscious, but just remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. A reputable moving company is going to base the pricing in relation to the work that needs to be done. Many times the lower price you got in the beginning becomes greater due to add on charges and fees.

What Are Some Ways That I Can Research Movers?

One of the best ways is to ask the company for references. A satisfied client is always the best source of information for a perspective client. They will be able to tell you what they liked about the moving company and why they did a good job. If the moving company has a good reputation, they should have plenty of good references to give you. Also, check them out with the Better Business Bureau. If they have received excessive complaints about service or failure to pay on claims, there might be a problem. However also be aware that if they have one or two complaints, that is not necessarily a bad thing either. Sometimes, customers have unrealistic expectations about a move. Instead of working it out with the moving company, they go right to the BBB and file a claim which isn’t necessarily justified.

What Do I Do If Something Is Damaged?

No matter how good a moving company is, there is always the possibility that an accident may occur and something might get damaged. That is why it is important to hire a Houston Mover that has all of the necessary insurance to handle damage claims. If it is determined that the damage was caused during the moving process, they will gladly take care of your claim and make sure that you are adequately compensated. If you choose a mover that does not carry insurance, the chances of you getting your claim resolved without litigation are rare.

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